HOD Updates

The voice of the PHCNPG membership is represented in HOD

HOD Delegate for the PHCNPG

Katrina A Holt MPH, MS, RD, FAND


Feel free to contact Katrina (phcnpg@eatright.org) with questions or concerns regarding the House of Delegates. Members, click here to login and view Katrina's full bio.

House of Delegates Meeting Update

HOD Spring Meeting 2021 Update

May 1, 2021

Topic: Positive behaviors to increase inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (IDEA)


Academy Spring 2021 Updates

HOD Winter Meeting 2020 Update

Topic: Professional Issue: Evidence-Based Practice

HOD Fall Meeting 2019 Update

Topic: Technology in Nutrition and Dietetics Practice

 Topic: Total Diet Approach

HOD Spring Meeting 2019 Update

Topic: Food Systems and Sustainability—Shaping Dietary Guidance