Public Policy

PHCNPG supports the Academy’s Advocacy efforts. More specifically we engage in advocacy activities that aide PHCNPG’s goal to support members' involvement in public policy and advocacy that most closely align with the Practice Groups mission to empower members to be leaders in the practice of public health nutrition and community nutrition.

“Advocacy is critical to achieving the mission, vision, goals and strategies outlined in the Academy's Strategic Plan Roadmap. Public policy significantly influences and forms the Academy's public image and that of the dietetics profession.

Advocacy within the Academy involves member leaders in the Legislative and Public Policy Committee and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Political Action Committee, affiliate and Dietetic Practice Groups and Member Interest Groups, and thousands of grassroots members. Academy members work on a broad range of issues, improving America's nutrition and health status. Our members are recognized for their contributions and influence in food, nutrition and health policy.”

Excerpted from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Advocacy web page July 15, 2020:


Meet our Policy & Advocacy Leader

Shannon Mai, RD, LDN
Policy and Advocacy Leader for the PHCN DPG
  2021 - 2022

Alicia Grove

Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Shannon’s culinary roots have propelled her into a career as a policy dietitian that advocates for consumer safety and public health. Her passion is to influence food policy with a dietitian's perspective, such that all parts of the food system win. Shannon stands for a whole and equitable food system, that is intentional and serves the consumers, workers, environment, and animals involved.

Shannon earned her Bachelors of Science in Dietetics at the University of Florida in 2020. To continue her education, she moved to Sacramento, California for her dietetic internship, with a concentration in health promotion, disease prevention, policy, and advocacy. Graduating from this internship in 2021, Shannon anticipates on expanding herself in many areas of dietetics, including school nutrition, clinical work, and finally federal policy. Included in Shannon’s plans are to pursue a Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in Policy. 

Previously, Shannon has worked with the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to advocate for the safety of patients by protecting state license. Becoming the Policy & Advocacy Leader for PHCNDPG, she looks forward to advocating and making a difference for what matters most to the members and the populations they serve.

In her spare time, Shannon enjoys hiking, cooking, spending time with family, traveling, yoga, and going on culinary adventures. 

Feel free to contact Shannon with questions or concerns regarding Public Policy and Advocacy.