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PHCNPG Dietetic Practice Group

Gwendolyn Rossell Memorial Continuing Education Award

The Gwendolyn Rossell Memorial Continuing Education Award was established in honor of a leader in Public Health who was an active Registered Dietitian and advocated for the establishment of Dietetic Practice Groups within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Gwendolyn Rossell was one of the early pioneers in establishing and visioning the value of Dietetic Practice Groups. Gwendolyn was the Chair of the Council on Practice, Division of Community Dietetics at the time of her passing. Gwendolyn’s commitment to education and professional growth lives on as the PHCNPG’s Gwendolyn Rossell Scholarship Award. Gwendolyn would be thrilled to know of the DPG’s opportunity for members to request additional funding to pursue continuing education goals and that it was established to recognize Gwendolyn’s commitment for personal and professional advancement.

Members are encouraged to apply for these funds which provide funding for PHCNPG members to attend short-term education programs related to public health/community nutrition that enhance the contributions of public health nutritionists to health care.

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Page Updated: December 21, 2017