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PHCNPG & Academy Public Policy and Advocacy

(PHCNPG) supports the Academy’s Advocacy efforts. More specifically we engage in advocacy activities that aide PHCNPG’s goal to support members' involvement in public policy and advocacy that most closely align with the Practice Groups mission to empower members to be leaders in the practice of public health nutrition and community nutrition.

“Advocacy is critical to achieving the mission, vision, goals and strategies outlined in the Academy's Strategic Plan Roadmap. Public policy significantly influences and forms the Academy's public image and that of the dietetics profession.

Advocacy within the Academy involves member leaders in the Legislative and Public Policy Committee and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Political Action Committee, affiliate and Dietetic Practice Groups and Member Interest Groups, and thousands of grassroots members. To help focus and guide our policy efforts, the following priority areas and issues have been identified

  • Disease prevention and treatment, including cancer, cardiovascular health, diabetes and pre-diabetes, HIV/AIDS, obesity and weight and access to healthcare.
  • Lifecycle nutrition, including prenatal and maternal health, early childhood nutrition, school-age students and nutrition for older adults.
  • Healthy food systems and access, including food security, supply and management of food systems, food safety, dietary supplements and food fortification, food and menu labeling and nutrition education.
  • Quality healthcare, including healthcare equity, consumer protection and licensure, workforce demand, research and monitoring, lowering healthcare costs and quality measures.”

Excerpted from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Advocacy web page October 27, 2016: 





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