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Early in the calendar year, the PHCNPG Awards Committee sends out a call for nominations to members for PHCNPG Award Nominations.

Do you know a shining star in the area of public health and community nutrition? If so, please consider honoring their work by submitting application materials for that person to receive an award from our practice group. Self-nominations are accepted, as well.

Click on the “nomination form” links below for award criteria and nomination forms:

The nomination process for 2019-20 awards has closed as of May 29, 2020.  We will begin taking nominations, including self-nominations in early 2021 for the 2020-2021 membership year.  Have questions? Email Dawn S Earnesty PhD RDN, Awards Committee Chair at

We encourage you to review our PHCNPG Awards descriptions and past award Recipients:

We are honored to have many accomplished and dedicated registered dietitians as members of our practice group! 

PHCNPG Outstanding Member of the Year  

2016  Marielle Counts, RD 
2015 Joanne Kouba, PhD, RDN, LDN
2014 Kay Sisk, MS, RD, LD
2013 Leslye Rauth, MPH, RD, CDE, LMNT
2012 Josefine Wendel, MS, RD

PHCNPG Outstanding Young Member of the Year

2017 Mateja R. Savoie-Roskos, PhD, MPH RD (UT)
2016 Alicia Grove
2015 Catherine Metzgar Lo, PhD, RD
2014 Shannon Robson, PhD, MPH, RD
2013 Jessica Barron, MS, RD, LD
2012 Nicole Larson, PhD, MPH, RD

PHCNPG Outstanding Student Member of the Year

2018 Emily Merklen, MS, RDN
2017 Matthew Landry, BS (TX)
2016 Kayla Fitzgerald, RD, LD

PHCNPG Excellence in Public Health/Community Nutrition Practice

2020 Megan M Lott MPH, RD
2019 Stella G. Uzogara, PhD, MS, RDN, CFS, FAND
2018 Kathleen Cullinen, PhD RDN (NJ)
2016 Marianella Herrera, DSC, MSC, MD
2014 Marsha Spence, PhD, MPH, RDN, LDN
2013 Phyllis Crowley, MS, RD, CD, IBCLC
2012 Carole Garner, MPH, RD, LD

Academy Medallion Award
2014 Katrina Holt, MPH, MS, RD, FAND
2014 Gloria Stables, PhD, MS, RD, LD
2013 Jamie Stang, PhD, MPH, RD
2012 Laura McNally Nelson, MPH, RD, FADA

Academy Award for Excellence in Practice in Community Nutrition

2018 Samia Hamdan, MPH, RD
2015 Alice Lenihan, MPH, RD, LDN

PHCNPG Award Recipients 1994-2010: Click HERE


Page Updated: April 16, 2020