Public Health Task Force

The Public Health Task Force Report

In November 2011, a Public Health Task Force was appointed by the president of the Academy to address a strategic priority in the 2011-2012 Board of Director’s Program of Work which called for enhancing the relevance of public health nutrition within the Academy and increasing public health organizations’ awareness of the Academy’s and members’ involvement in public health nutrition and community nutrition.

Work began in May with developing a consensus on definitions and the development of articles for Food & Nutrition Magazine.

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Public Health Nutrition and Community Nutrition Definitions

One of the actions to be taken by the Public Health Task Force was development of consensus on definitions. Definitions were developed for public health nutrition and community nutrition, including functions of these two areas.  Also, definitions for public health nutritionists and community nutritionists were developed.  Relevant public health organizations (i.e., Association of Graduate Programs in Public Health Nutrition, American Public Health Association, Association of Schools of Public Health, Bureau of Health Professions, Centers for Disease Control, National WIC Association, Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, and U.S. Department of Agriculture) provided input during the development of the definitions.

Final definitions, adopted by the Academy, describing public health nutrition, community nutrition and their functions, along with describing the role of nutritionists in these areas were approved in the Fall of 2012 and can be found here.

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