FNCE® 2014

Highlights of PHCNPG @ FNCE® 2014
The 2014 Food & Nutrition Conference & ExpoTM (FNCE®), the annual meeting of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, was held October 18-21, 2014 in Atlanta, GA. Here are highlights from PHCNPG at FNCE®!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists Changing the World
Learn how the amazing work of registered dietitian nutritionists is changing the world through this video shown at the Opening Session.

House of Delegates Meeting

Shannon Looney (Delegate), Brittney Stuard (Secretary), Katrina Holt (Nominating Committee Chair), Lauren Melnick (Chair-Elect) and Mayra Crespo (Student Committee Chair) attended the House of Delegates Meeting. The Mega Issue, Business and management skills, in addition to a current practice issue, preceptor shortages, were discussed. Visit the PHCNPG HOD page for more information on the issue.

PHCNPG Executive Committee Meeting
Bonnie Bradley (Chair) led the Executive Committee in their first face-to-face meeting of the 2014-2015 year. Executive Commitee meeting minutes will soon be available on the Members Only site under the PHCNPG Leadership tab for members to view!

First Row, from Left to Right: Serena Fuller (Technology Chair), Phyllis Crowley (Treasurer), Bonnie Bradley (Chair), Lauren Melnick (Chair-Elect), Doris Fredericks (Advisor), Judy Klavens-Giunta (Policy and Advocacy Leader). Second Row, from Left to Right: Jason Pelzel (Membership Committee Chair), Margaret Tate (Awards Committee Chair), Catherine Metzgar (Website Chair), Kay Sisk (Newsletter Editor), Shannon Looney (Delegate), Brittney Stuard (Secretary), and Mayra Crespo (Student Committee Chair). Not pictured: Nicole Larson (Past Chair), Katrina Holt (Nominating Committee Chair), and Kathleen Cullinen (Assistant Newsletter Editor)
Photo courtesy of PHCNPG student member, Wenbo Zhao

DPG Town Hall Meeting
Kay Sisk and Catherine Metzgar presented a session on Best Practices entitled "Increasing Student Involvement in the DPG through Student Leadership Opportunities". During the 2013-2014 membership year, the PHCNPG established a Student Committee and a Student Committee Chair position, creating a mutually beneficial service opportunity for both student members and leaders of the PHCNPG. Through their presentation, Kay and Catherine discussed the vision for the Student Committee, and the steps taken to bring this vision to fruition - from a discussion at an Executive Committeee meeting to the selection and appointment of the first Student Committee Chair, Mayra Crespo.

Educational Session Highlights
PHCNPG collaborated with the Renal Dietitians DPG to sponsor the session entitled "The Power of Prevention: Reducing the Burden of Type 2 Diabetes and CKD through Public Health Interventions and the Affordable Care Act". DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION SLIDES 

Pictured: Mary Ann Hodorowicz, MBA, CDE (Speaker), Susan Weiner, MS, RDN, CDE, CDN (Moderator), Bonnie Bradley (PHCNPG Chair), and Desmond Williams, MD, PhD (Speaker)

Margaret Tate, MS, RD and Helene Kent, MPH, RD, PHCNPG members and members of the Academy's Committeee on Public Health and Community Nutrition, presented two educational sessions! Through a session entitled, "Changing Environments, Emerging Opportunities in Public Health and Community Nutrition", attendees learned about the multitude of rapidly changing environmental and societal factors impacting public health and community nutrition practice leading to opportunities in this dietetic practice area. DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION SLIDES! During the session entitled, "Open Discussion: Your Role in Public Health Nutrition", participants provided input into what the Academy can do in the area of public health nutrition, identified strategies to move forward in the public health nutrition arena, and examined the future of public health nutrition.

DPG/MIG Showcase
Thanks to all of our current members who stopped by to say "Hi" and those who came by looking for opportunities to get more involved. One way that PHCNPG members can get involved is by volunteering on committees. PHCNPG garnered interest from many potential members.

PHCNPG Networking Meeting

Approximately 70 members attended the PHCNPG networking meeting Monday evening. PHCNPG members who were recipients of DPG and Academy awards were recognized.

2014 PHCNPG Awards
Excellence in Practice Award              Outstanding Member of the Year
Marsha Spence, PhD, MPH, RDN, LDN   Kay Sisk, MS, RD, LD

Outstanding Young Member of the Year
Shannon Looney, PhD, MPH, RD

2014 Academy Award Winners from PHCNPG
Medallion Award
Katrina Holt, MPH, MS, RD                     Gloria Stables, PhD, MS, RD, LD

2014 Academy 50-Year Member
Frances Cook, MA, RDN

PHCNPG Student Stipend Winners

Through a donation to the 2014 FNCE® Student Stipend program, PHCNPG supported 5 students to attend the conference.

The Mothers' Room
The Mothers' Room at FNCE® provides breastfeeding mothers a private, comfortable place to breastfeed their infant or pump and store their milk while at the conference center. Nicole Larson (Past Chair) led the efforts for this year's room which was staffed by numerous volunteers from PHCNPG, the Women's Health DPG, the Pediatric Nutrition DPG, and students through the Student Host Program.

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